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  • Reinforced concrete slab foundation, damp-proofed against rising humidity

Hearted vertical wall system

  • Outer and bearing walls – reinforced concrete walls min. 200 mm thick, all overclad to meet Class A1 energy requirements 
  • Division walls – brick masonry 115 mm and 140 mm thick

Horizontal structures

  • Floor slabs - reinforced concrete, line-supported by walls, point-supported by means of columns

Front face

  • External insulation – ventilated façade combined with contact façade insulation system, ensuring R-value in compliance with STN 730540, using 180 mm thick mineral wool
  • Surface layer – decorative rendering in combination with composite lining

Roof (terrace)

  • Thermal insulation – ensuring thermal resistance according to STN 730540
  • Surface – green vegetation roof (extensive greenery), local fills with gravel, terraces and gazebo with composite plates


  • Loadbearing construction –reinforced concrete slab 180 mm thick
  • Balcony panels, anchored with Isokorb to break thermal bridges
  • Ascendable construction – terrace from composite plates
  • Disabled accessible

Door and window units

  • Main entry door – Security class 2 flush door, height 2100 mm, with Class 3 trim
  • Windows – aluminum triple insulating window system 
  • Internal window sills – chipboard parapet 
  • External window sills – aluminum, color-matched with windows
  • Venetian blinds – external shutter, electrically controlled aluminum slats 

Surface treatment of walls and ceilings

  • Brickwork walls – smooth hard plaster, white painted
  • Reinforced concrete walls – smooth hard plaster, white painted
  • Bathroom and toilet walls – surface prepared for tiling and/or as per standards
  • Ceilings - smooth hard plaster, white painted
  • Soffits and offset walls – according to local requirements (acoustic and thermal comfort) – integral dry lining system (gypsum plasterboard) white painted


  • Meters – metering of electric energy by meters installed for individual flats in the metering room
  • Power panels – each flat has a separate power with a 380V main circuit breaker
  • Light - current distribution board – located at the flat´s power panel
  • Luminaires – free outlets for fittings in each room, terminated in accordance with STN; supply of luminaires and light bulbs not included in the standard
  • Outlets and switches – completely installed in all rooms, including data sockets in living rooms 
  • Terrace / balcony – external socket and fitting

Domestic hot water and heating

  • Heating of water – provided from central area source
  • Floor heating - provided from central area source. Interior temperature regulated by independent controller

Sanitary facilities

  • Sewerage – gravity controlled to public sewer, riser ventilation tube protruding above roof level
  • Water meter – each flat has cold and hot water meters installed according to the number of connections in the flat
  • Terrace – water outlet, terminating in a frost-proof valve for the 17th and 18th floor 

Air engineering facilities

  • Ventilation of bathrooms, toilets and closets – vacuum controlled using wall or ceiling ventilators with outlets terminated above roof level 
  • Ventilation of kitchens – prepared for installation of cooker hoods (connecting point) in the 3-, and 4 – room flats, vertical pipes installed in the cores and ending above roof level


  • Cooling in the apartment is provided by fancoil units which are carefully distributed in the space in order to deliver comfortable interior climate.

Standard of flats

  • Interior room flooring – laminated boards min. 8 mm thick, selectable from several color patterns 
  • Bathroom and toilet flooring – gres flooring, selectable from several color patterns and combinations
  • Bathroom and toilet walls – white tiles to 2 400 mm height at the bathtub and shower cubicles, and to 1 200 mm at the WC
  • Interior doors – solid white slab doors in lined frame, height: 2100 mm
  • Wall-hung WC pans with internal flushing cisterns
  • Enameled bathtub with wall-mounted mixer tap
  • Shower cubicle with linear drain, wall-mounted water tap
  • Ceramic washbasin and single-taphole lavatory basin